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Complex Trauma

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is different from typical PTSD that it is developed after a series or a combination of multiple traumatic incidents or experiences that create a long lasting distress in individuals in daily living, affecting their ability to work, their relationships with others, and their sense of self.

What are people struggling with?

Individuals may not experience all of these symptoms or issues but some in combination.

  • Substance Use
  • Suicidal Ideation or Self-injurious behaviors
  • Dissociative Experiences
  • Pain, physical illness, or health conditions
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Intimacy in relationships
  • Trust issues (self and others)
  • Difficulty to express feelings
  • Negative self-talk, view of self, or judgment
  • Ongoing difficult family dynamics

How can WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy help?

It is essential to seek a Trauma Specialist who is trauma-informed, trained in trauma-focused approaches and modalities that are evidence based. Healing trauma is an art of connection in mind and body, imagery and somatic, feelings and thoughts.

At WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy, we offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy to promote healing with a long lasting positive impact in life.

What if I am not ready?

We always start where you are at. It may sound daunting to try something new or an unfamiliar approach. We begin by getting to know you, hearing your stories, and making you feel supported and validated. There is no pressure!

Your therapist will provide a nonjudgmental, supportive space to open up deep reflections at your own pace and to facilitate a healing growth.

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