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Notice of Privacy Practices


At WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy ("WALTZ"), services are provided through HIPAA-compliant online platforms. This includes appointment scheduling, individual psychotherapy or counseling via telehealth (phone or video), billing or invoices, and storage of records. Individuals will be given a copy of this notice at the onset of their services at WALTZ and at any given time upon their request.


What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a federal law that establishes security and privacy standards for the use and disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations. 


Uses and Disclosures of Your Protected Health Information


for Treatment:  As with any other clinical practice, an authorization is required in writing to speak with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, other care providers, or anyone else (i.e., family member) to discuss your care. Without an authorization, your PHI and clinical records will remain strictly confidential. This means, if someone were to reach out to WALTZ and ask about you, your appointment schedules, etc., stating that they know you are in therapy, we cannot acknowledge that you are seeing us at all. However,  there are limits to confidentiality to share your PHI without your consent as required by the law in our profession.  As a mandated reporter, we may be required to disclose your PHI to law enforcement and/or appropriate government agencies when there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect to a child, the elderly, or a dependent adult. When there is an immediate danger to Others, we may disclose your PHI to law enforcement officers or other persons who might prevent or lessen that threat. When there is an immediate danger to Self, we may contact 911, an ambulance, a hospital, or other persons who might prevent or lessen that threat. We am required to respond upon a receipt of a legitimate court order (not from an attorney or a lawyer).


for Payment:  We will make uses and disclosures of your protected health information as necessary for payment purposes. We may also use your information to prepare a bill to send to you or to the person responsible for your payment. 


for Health Care Operations: We will make uses and disclosures of your protected health information as necessary, and as permitted by law, for health care operations, which may include clinical improvement, professional peer review, business management, accreditation and licensing, etc.  For instance, we may use and disclose your protected health information for purposes of improving clinical treatment and care. 


Minimum Necessary Requirement

For the use and disclosure of your PHI,  it is a requirement for information to be shared at the minimum necessary and limited to those who need to know, whenever possible, as permitted by the law. 


Breach of PHI 

You, as the client, have a right to be notified in cases where your PHI has been inappropriately accessed, used, or disclosed in violation of the Privacy Rule.  Potential breaches include lost paper records, lost smartphones or laptops containing PHI, misdirected mail, email or faxes etc. 

Refer to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services at and Health Information Privacy at 

Effective Date of this Notice: October 17, 2022

WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy


WALTZ, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Professional Corporation in the State of California.

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