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All Remote, Online Mental Health Services

Online EMDR Therapy

We can help you become less distressed by your past experiences or memories

Trauma Therapy

We can help you address the past or ongoing trauma, from childhood to adulthood, in family and relationships

Relational Therapy

We can help you begin your healing journey, be there with you with emotional support, build coping skills together

Therapy for Mood Disorders

We can help you improve or manage your mood and get back in your daily life

Engaging in mental health services require your informed consent.
What you share in the space with your therapist remains confidential except in certain circumstances outlined in the policy and consent, which your therapist will go over with you. 



     with Cigna

     with Optum/United Healthcare

     with Aetna


      with CA Anthem Blue Cross PPO

      with Blue Shield of California PPO

      Reach out for other PPO plans

Opt in for using no insurance

      For anyone who does not want to share their information with the insurance company.

Method of

Debit/Credit Cards


Health Savings Account

Flexible Spending Account


Physical Check in the mail

Direct Banking from Checking/Saving Account

(ACH Transfers)

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