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Ah Hyun "Ashley" Lee, LCSW Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker. EMDR Certified.

I am the Founder and CEO of WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy. My clinical work focuses on treating the impacts of trauma in adult individuals.

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About Us

Instilling Hope and Finding a Healing Process in All Individuals

WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy is a trauma-focused treatment care center, specialized in individual therapy for adults with modalities tailored to address different types of traumas that could affect individuals short-term or long-term.

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Our Story

We strive to deliver high quality professional counseling services through the pursuit of advanced training in trauma, constant clinical growth, up-to-date treatment approaches, and evidence based modalities. The same goes to the population we work with - people who knock on our door are engaging and motivated individuals who invest their time, effort, and money to heal from their trauma and live to their fullest.

We believe in this collaborative journey toward healing.

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