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Therapy for Mood Disorders

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Ways to grow, live, reach your goals

4 Questions about Your Care

Am I experiencing a mood disorder?

Think about these questions: Have you been experiencing mood swings, doing things that you would not normally do, feel great like you can do anything all of a sudden, or feel awful and suicidal out of nowhere?

Do you find yourself crying more often or alone, hiding your feelings from others? Don't feel like getting out of bed? Difficult to fall asleep?

Start with an assessment by a mental health professional to accurately picture what you are experiencing.

Do you prescribe?

WALTZ Trauma Care and Therapy does not prescribe medications.

For some, it is critical to receive ongoing medication support to manage the symptoms while doing therapy. For others, it is optional if their symptoms are manageable in daily life, relationships, and communities.

If you are interested in seeking medication support, please let your therapist know. We will provide outside resources in your area.

Do you work with my psychiatrist?

It is helpful to collaborate with your psychiatrist or primary care provider. Please fill out a written consent to speak with them at any time.

How long will I be in therapy?

It depends on what you are going through.

Some may no longer need therapy after a while and will be able to manage their life on their own. That's great!

Some other may need to check-in time to time, work on other stressful areas, build a support system, and practice coping skills. We will be with you in your journey!

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